1. Human Resource Department:
    At Ambey Group, the focus is people and not just processes. We emphasize upon drawing the most qualified personnel and strike the balance by combining talent with a well conceived training schedule. We ensure that right kind of professionals are designated to complete the job, they are best qualified for.

  2. Marketing & Sales Department:
    The marketing and sales wing at Ambey Group is adept at the task of identifying and satisfying customer needs. The sales team is not just selling what we produce; rather it anticipates the requirements, communicates the needs and eventually satisfies the consumer by taking our product to every nook and corner

  3. Purchase Department:
    The success of Ambey Group largely is defined by the superior quality of the products. To this end, the procurement wing plays a critical role. Not just the needed raw materials are provided at all times, but this department ensures that stringent quality norms are abided by. Additionally, by leveraging the principles of effective purchasing, it is ensured that the company is able to restrict to a reasonable price level.

  4. Research & Development:
    This is the backbone of Ambey Group. On a consistent basis, the research team at Ambey Group works at enhancing the product. New products are being researched and on a continual basis, attempts are being made at improving the quality of existing line of products. As this is being done, compliance standards are being strictly maintained.

  5. Logistics:
    This is the flow managing wing at Ambey Group, which is quite efficient at its job. Be it procuring the needed raw materials for production or supplying the finished goods to various units and thus customers, the logistics team has ensured perfect execution of all tasks.

  6. Finance & Accounts:
    This wing has managed the critical balance by extending the surplus and curbing the expenses. With immaculate knowledge and functional grip, the finance and accounting team has not just helped Ambey Group maintain excellence, but has enabled a prudent & profitable journey.