Global Presence

Ambey Group is proliferating at an impressive rate. The expansion drive has been fuelled by direct extensions i.e. setting up of new manufacturing and sales units and supplementary extensions that thrive upon fresh tie-ups and associations. In a very short span of time, the group has covered quite a few markets across the globe and this is essentially on account of the business bonds nurtured between Ambey Group and various multinational / Fortune 500 companies.  

Guar Gum Powder
Company has strategic associations with oil dwelling and exploration companies in USA and Canada, which helps satisfying the needs of customers across the region. Further by way of exports, the high quality Guar Gum Powder reaches consumers across Europe in food industry.

Crop Protection
Ambey Group has spread its wings across the USA, African and South East Asian geographies for sale of technical grade and formulations. The company is licensed and has approved labs for generating registration related data and confirming linked sales.


 global precence