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              black-phy  Trishul Black Phenyle
Trishul Phenyle is a black tarcol based cleaner with an advance cleaning formula and a strong deodorizing fragrance. The product also eradicates almost 99.9% germs and microbes


Packaging:- 450 ml/1 Lt/ 2Lt/ 5 Lt/20Lt/200Lt


              germoniol2  Trishul White Phenyle : Germonil
Trishul Germonil is another multi-purpose pine based cleaner, the first in India with this concept. It is most suitable for all types of floors & surfaces especially for marbles, tiles, glass and more. Lt Removes tough stains and spreads a pleasant fragrance. Regular usage keeps away flies and mosquitoes, kills bacteria and viruses and helps in keeping your safe, surrounding or home healthy


Packaging:- 1 Lt/ 2Lt/ 5 Lt/20Lt/200Lt


              surface-cleaner  Trishul Trizol
Trizol is an absolute powerful disinfectant surface cleaner with Lemon power. Its Tri-action fast and effective formula removes stubborn stains, kills germs & fights odour in your home & bathroom.
Packaging:- 1 Lt/ 5 Lt/ Bottle


              glass-cleaner Trishul Sparkle :Glass Cleanner
Trishul Sparkle is one of a leading glass and household cleaner which cleans all kind of glass surfaces and appliances sparkling clean. It’s unique ultra-shine formula enables a smooth cleaning process. lt comes with a well differentiated pack and cap mechanics that is suitable for everyday cleaning all around hame.Trishul Sparkle is handy while applying directly on the stain/surface leaving a sparkling surface and a pleasant fragrance behind.

Packaging:- 500ml /1 Lt/ 5 Lt/ Packs


              dishwasher  Trishul Dishwash Gel
Trishul Dishwash Gel keeps the dishes sparkling clean and makes life healthy. With its advanced 3X formula, it is tough on grease and stains on the utensils. The Ultra Concentrated formula makes it last longer as you need only a spoon of the gel to clean your lot of utensils. Trishul Dishwash Gel kills 99.9% germs that could harm your health. It has fresh lemon extracts that cleans utensils completely with no stains & germs left behind. It also gives a pleasant lemon fragrance & a sparkling shine to utensils.
Packaging:- 500ml /1Lt Packing


         napthaline-balls  Trishul Naphthalene Ball 
Trishul Naphthalene Ball are 100 % pure, Snow white, Crystalline, Naphthalene, which provides, stain proof protection to your costly clothes including Silks and woolens against also sorts of incest of worms. This product is manufactured confirming to BIS Standard (ISI) for first time in India ensuring top most quality, can also be used in shoe racks, Cupboard, Libraries and Washrooms.

Packaging:- 40g/100g/200g/400g/500g/1kg Packs



              odonil  Trishul Odorout
Experience the new Trishul Odorout fresh fragrance in your living room and bathrooms. Odorout natural type fresheners has unique fragrant with 4X odor buster formula that gives your room a fresh vibe, all time. It is available in 4 unique fragrances - Lavender, Jasmine, Mogra & Rose.
Packaging:- 50g /75g/90g 


         trishul-ultra-wash-detergent-soap  Trishul Ultra Wash

Trishul introduces Liquid detergent Ultrawash.The liquid has super advance formula which is the best from Trishul. Ultrawash is a powerful detergent liquid that removes toughest of stains completely from clothes within seconds. Ultrawash adds life to clothes and keep them shining and bright always. The liquid is safe on both colours and whites keeping them shining like new

500ml /1Lt Bottle





         toilet-cleaner  Trishul Bloo

Trishul Bloo is a known brand for eradicating all possible germ to give you a clean & hygienic toilet. It not only kills 99.9 % germs but also prevents them from multiplying to give a protection that last longer.Bloo`s most advance formula makes it a super cleansing agent leaving your toilets sparking clean.It extra blast of fragrance and freshness makes it a lovable product for the toilets

Packaging:- 2
00ml /500ml/700ml

Refil Packs:- 1Lt / 5 Lt