1977 – This year marks the beginning. The flagship brand ‘Trishul’ was launched in 1977. The unveiling marked the commencement of a journey - ‘a success voyage’. The industrious team at Ambey worked to ensure proliferation of Trishul across territories. Since inception, Trishul has successfully met its promise of satisfying the consumer base and this pertinent accomplishment has helped the brand create an extensive distribution network that includes 2000 distributors and is being managed by a robust sales team comprising of over 300 proficient staff members.

2004 – The expansion into the agrochemical industry, which happened in the year 2004, proved a profound leap for Ambey Group. With this extension, Ambey Group deployed its resources and expertise into manufacture and distribution of agrochemical products. The needs of the farmers were gauged and climatic conditions were assessed and backed by abundant research, Ambey Group made this tactful move. The success graphs of this division confirm the firmness and skill of the entire team.    

2012 – Unabated persistence to continue the expansion drive led to the next major achievement for Ambey Group in the year 2012. The group forayed into agro processing sector by setting up a Natural Gum polymer plant with capacity of 15000 mts. The produce from this unit meets highest quality standards and it is owing to this level, which the group has maintained, oil dwelling and exploration companies across the globe have entered into strategic partnerships with the company for use and further distribution of guar gum.