Natural Gums ( Agrow Allied Ventures Pvt Ltd )

The Natural Gums division of Ambey Group is into production and distribution of the natural depolymer called Guar Gum. The product acts as thickner , binder and colloidal dispersion agent for various industries. Extracted from the seed of Cyamopsis tetragonoloba, an annual leguminous plant called Guar is found in abundance in the Indian soil, primarily Rajasthan. The quality of this natural depolymer as extracted is rated high and thus all over the world, guar gum originating from India is much in demand.

Company produces 15000 Mts of Guar Gum powder on yearly basis of various grades meant especially for the oil dwelling industry, food and mining industry . The plant is strategically located in Rajasthan to ensure ample Guar crop all around.

For further application and thus sale, the raw seeds need to be converted into a white to yellowish powder. Viscosity levels of the powder determine the quality of the produce. While India has been a major exporter of this natural depolymer, in terms of quality, there still was a large unfilled gap and this is where Ambey Group steps in.The company has established a state of art plant for producing Guar Gum in Rajasthan. At this facility, Guar Gum of different grades is produced to meet various industrial requirements.


  1. Textile Industry: Guar Gum serves as an efficient thickener and thus for purposes like printing, textile sizing, etc., it is required in the textile industry.

  2. Oil Exploration and Dwelling Industry: Guar gum is needed during the process of oil well drilling. This natural depolymer controls water/ fluid loss, helps with lubrication and controls viscosity  is ideal for processes like cementing slurries or continuous fracturing, which require quick hydration support. Company specializes in fast hydration quality of guar gum.

  3. Paper Industry: The printing paper requires a denser surface and this need is fulfilled by the Guar Gum, which serves as an

  4. Food Industry: Guar Gum is an excellent binder, thickener, stabilizer and disintegrator and these characteristics mandate its presence in bakeries and meat producing units and diaries. Besides, this is also a highly nutritional food supplement, which in its natural form alleviates weight and cholesterol related issues.

  5. Pharmaceutical: Guar Gum works at enhancing the mechanical strength of tablets, thereby extending reasonable strength to survive the pressing stages. Its thickening properties make it a useful ingredient in various medicines that are available in ointment and jelly forms.


When it comes to quality, the company has serious ethical commitments to abide by. For Ambey Group, the safety of consumers is of imperative relevance and thus, the requisite efforts are extended in this direction on continual basis. To this end, the fully automated pneumatic based plant has been entrusted with the task of maintaining absolute levels of quality in the production domain. Company has installed PLC based automated plants, which demands marginal human inputs and therefore, chances of contamination arising out of human involvement are kind of non-existent. Additionally, post production, each and every product is checked to ensure that it meets the defined quality norms. Ambey Group, to manufacture and distribute guar gum has obtained the requisite quality certifications like ISO, HCAAP and HALAL and adheres to the guidelines as set by the international GMP standards.

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